The RIGHT WAY to Collect Cooking Oil

The RIGHT WAY for Service
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The RIGHT WAY for the Environment
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The RIGHT WAY for Cooking Oil Collection Systems
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The RIGHT WAY for Safety
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Welcome to Auscol

  • First to recycle cooking oils and fats
  • The only national service provider
  • Pioneers in the development of on-site hygenic bulk and utilising environmentally friendly vacuum tankers
  • Work practices that protect the health and safety of our staff and our customers
  • Auscol complies with the ISO90001
  • The Auscol system is designed to give you the peace of mind that you are disposing of your used cooking oil and fats in the most environmentally responsible manner
It’s our industry and environmental commitment that provides us with customers at both ends of the process, and opportunities for innovation and leadership into the future.
, Auscol